Established in 2007, Enviva Lights is a Retail outlet that was started by Engineers with years of experience to address a very important aspect of decorative and functional illumination of interior and exterior spaces. Today, with significant amounts being spent on acquiring of properties, the lighting aspect of décor is being met with branded standard off-the-shelf brands.

Enviva stepped in to fill that space to provide with real customized choices.

As designers and manufacturers since 1967 of unique and bespoke lighting solutions, Enviva is singularly positioned to work with Home owners, architects and interior designers to provide them with an array of unlimited combination of material, shapes, colour, sizes and luminosity for domestic and commercial spaces. To top it all, we offer customization... AT NO EXTRA COST.

We add colours to lights. Enviva Lights is involved in complete end-to-end process of creation, right from design to delivery, assuring you of the best quality, design flexibility and workmanship not easily available in the market today. This also assures you of availability of spares, service and replacement as and when needed.

Over the many years catering to the lighting markets, Enviva Lights has evolved a complete suite of products and solutions both, customized as well as popular brands that addresses all and any type of need and requirement at a wide range of price-points. At Enviva, we arrive at a unique blend of Science, art and health; our solutions keep the customer focus and complete satisfaction. Our hundreds of customers will vouch for that. Enviva Lights offers a wonderful blend of lights that are functional, designer, decorative and glare free.

We are also dealers for National and International Brands of lighting solutions